World Championship in Coffee Brewing Rimini 2014

The more prestigeous coffee competition the last years is undoubtebly The World Championship  'Brewers Cup', where coffee is brewed by hand only, and the competitor defines his parametres in choice of method, choice of coffee, grind, water (softness and temperature), all supported with a thorough presentation to showcase deep knowledge in Coffee. This year, 27 countries participated in Rimini, Italy, and the winner was Greece:

Filter Brewing: different designs, different parametres

best coffee house in town

Our small, and cosy coffeebar awaits you! Our guests appeciate not only out great coffees, but also the relaxing atmosphere and the great view to the river Salzach and the hills of Salzburg. Visit us and get the alchemy experience of great coffee!

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Speciality Coffee

Speciality Coffee differs from the Commodity Coffees in Supermarket shelfs just like excellent wines should not be compared to mass produced blended wines. Speciality Coffee Houses can offer Single Origin coffees: this is today defined as coffee from a specific Farms or Cooperative offering a specific quality;  usually a specific variety of Coffea arabica and  a specific processing of these. (more…)


Pro equipment for home use

Speciality coffee does not need fancy and expensive equipment! A good manual grinder (in picture: Hario Skerton), an AeroPress (see picture) and cold, fresh water does the job excellently! By the way, coffee geeks gather yearly at the AeroPress championships! John Arild, chief coffee alchemist, ranked as number 5 in 2011!

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learn & taste

The Coffee Alchemy offers regularily home barista courses and coffee tastings. It is no witchcraft to make good coffee at home! Every relevant aspect will be discussed. Coffee tastings with John Arild, who is active as international coffee judge, for example at the Cup of Excellence, might open the gates for a new universe of flavors for you (course language is English or German).

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Coffee to enjoy

We always aim to give you a perfect cup of coffee! Irrespective of as AeroPress, hand filter, pure Espresso, Cappuccino, Melange, Caffè Latte or iced coffee. Enjoyed black our single origins reveal their individual taste and flavour best, fresh milk or cream might nevertheless add another interesting aroma! Try it!


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Directly from El Salvador to Salzburg!

It is with great pride that we present our new coffee from El Salvador:  Directly from Farmer Mrs Maria Elena Botto.

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Nombre de Dios Coffee in Bags 7

Just give me the coffee and noone gets hurt!

Our philosophy

We, the team behind ‘Kaffee-Alchemie’, want to express our passion for high quality coffee; directly and fair traded. ‘Speciality Coffee’ differs from ‘Branded Coffees’ in that it normally comes from single origin and from recent seasonal harvests: we purchase excellent green beans from small coffee farmers who grow and processes unique coffees with great attention to quality. Taste and flavour of such coffees reflect the variety grown, the micro climate, and the specific preferred processing, which are characteristics you will not find in large bulks of commodity coffees branded by importers.

Coffee of the month

Coffees of the Month: Christmascoffees!

(a Christmas tale from India) 250g € 13,80
Christmas Espresso (Blend) €12,00
Christmascoffee (El Cenizio, El Salvador) €11,00

Here is our list of coffees and coffee brewing equipment.

Special offers

You might think that filter coffee is an unfashioned way of brewing coffee. Completely wrong! With the growing attention to Speciality Coffee old and new filter brewing methods became very popular. One of these methods is the AeroPress-method. The AeroPress is a simple coffee maker made out of plastic which uses a small paper filter and "human force" to brew excellent coffee. We use this method routinely to brew coffee in our store and it is an excllent method for home use.

Our offer: AeroPress (incl. 350 Filters) + 250g Nombre de Dios "Bourbon": € 35,00