“Black Coffee” is in the House!

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We’ve got two new coffees in the House: One is an excellent coffee from Bolivia, ‘Flor de Mayo’ (-one of our favourite origins-)  -.the other coffee is inspired by the True Norwegian Black Metal culture and the expression ‘Black Coffee’!  The roasters, Solberg & Hansen have sourced a powerful coffee that captures darkness. The coffee is from the farm “Sitio Contendas” located in Divinolândia, Brazil. The coffee is carefully roasted to enhance sweetness and body. Picking only blood red coffee cherries, sundried with the flesh of the fruit intact gives the coffee extreme richness, juiciness and red fruit flavors.  Make sure to serve it freshly ground. Dose 70 grams pr liter for a French press or a clean drip brewer. “Black Coffee” was rightfully launched in the norwegian town ‘Hell’, and for that extra dark touch, Calico Cooper, Alice Coopers daughter was taking part of the festivitiesBlack Coffee bags 🙂

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