Kaffee-Alchemie in Nicaragua, Day 6:

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Day 6:

The Award Ceremony: 27 Winners are being announced, and it is with lot of emotion the Farmers come on stage to receive their Diploma -to a cheering crowd. This is 'El Porvenir'

In a Cup of Excellence Week, Friday is the day of most excitement: the Jury is cupping the ten coffees with the highest scores once more to define their positions, and in the evening the Award Ceremony welcomes and honours all the Farmers who made it through the National Jury.  All of them will be there to receive an honorary Diploma. And then follows the Cup of Excellence Awards to all the Winners.

The Top Ten was a joy to cup once more, and the discussion and evaluation gave us preliminary scores: there was a clear winner!

Our job was over:  the scores would now be counted, and the results and the Winners was as secret to us as to everyone else  -until the evening!

At the Farmers Meeting in the afternoon, we the Judges were invited to meet several of the Farmers:  they had questions, and so did we:  I asked them if they knew anything about where their coffees ended up, and if they knew anything about us, the consumers:  they all answered  ‘no’  to that!  The exception was if the coffee was sold through Cup of Excellence: then it might be possible for them to trace the Coffee importer or the Roaster.  I tried to explain that there are dozens of small roasters who are interested in small speciality lots, and that their coffees are unique: this is the challenge for us all: to find the small, unique lots, and get them to the buyer.

The Award Ceremony was a huge event, with a packed audience; The Government of Nicaragua had sent a Minister, and some local politicians were present onstage next to Head Judge Sherri Johns and Susie Spindler, Executive Director of Cup of Excellence (and one of my Heroines!),

After all 60 Farms had received a Diploma, it was time for the Winners:

One by one the 27 Winning Farms came up to fetch their Golden Diplomas, to a roaring applause from the audience (highly supported by us Judges, who now got to know the faces behind the good cups we had tasted!). Familiar names came up, as many of the Winners have won CoE before.  The joy and happiness on the farmers faces:  from shock to broad smiles!  But also the support from other Farmers:  happy for each other.

Mr. Napoleon Tercero Gomez and his neighbour Mr. Miguel Angel Martinez Morazan knew they had good coffee this year, but neither of them had enough bags to enter CoE with.  So they signed in as one farm: “La Guadalupana”   -and together, they received the # 1 !

Grown men were jumping in pure excitement, and family, friends and neighbours supported the Winners generously.

The Winning Farm was also the only one this year to achieve a Presidential Award.

Tomorrow Saturday,  we are a handful of Judges who will visit the Winning Farms:  more about that on Sunday!


Liebe Grüsse






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