Kaffee-Alchemie in Nicaragua, Visit on Winning Farm(s):

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Visit to La Guadalupana and farmers Napoleon Tercero Gomez and Miguel Angel Martinez Morazan.

We were the first visitors ever to 'La Guadalupana'

There are 27 Winners in this years’ Cup of Excellence Nicaragua, but it was a privilige to get the chance to visit the farm who was awarded the 1st Price: ‘La Guadalupana’, situated in the Dipilto muncipality in the region Nueva Segovia in northwestern Nicaragua, well worth the three hours bumpy road. The farmers Napoleon Tercero Gomez and Miguel Angel Martinez Morazan are neighbours and decided to enter CoE this year by combining their best harvests, not having enough bags to enter individually. Their houses are less than 20 metres apart, and the coffee trees grow on the same hillside.

Winning farmer Miguel Ángel Martínez Morazán (middle) and Napoleón Tercero Gómez (right) by their shared cistern for washing coffee.

Morazán and Gõmez both grow the Maracaturra variety, a coffee tree which bears a larger cherry giving large beans. The trees seem to thrive, displaying a lush foliage of larger, shiny leaves dispite the current drought period.

Happy plants, shiny leaves.

Careful picking and clean processing all the way to the parchment and beyond gives a clean, untainted bean. Gõmez and Morazáns lot achieved the only Presidential Award this year, with a score of 91,13! We had a nice walk around the two farms, being shown around by two proud farmers who confessed they had never had visitors before. One important factor in their success is of course that Mr. Gómezdaughter is a coffee roaster, and thus this coffee has been cupped and evaluated even before the National Jury got it on the table    🙂

Mr. Gómez' daughter is a coffee roaster

There was also a proud younger generation present: young Emanuel David, ten years old.

After our visit to these two farms, we headed south towards Managua and to our flights back home to different destinations around the World, bringing with us a taste of Nicargaua, lots of great moments and new friendships.

The Winning Coffees all go to the Live Online Auction on May 31st, and a lot of coffee houses have ordered samples of the coffees to roast and cup in order to bid at the auction  -in hope of bringing home one of these excellent treasures.  We are naturally also interested!

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