A taste of excellent Nicaragua

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Cup of Excellence Nicaragua 2011 auction is over: our bid for 1,079.99 kgs of washed and sun dried Maracatu coffee from the farm ‘La Picona’ came in well! Some of that coffee will find its way to Salzburg, but we’ll share the lot with Iceland, Lithuania, France and Sweden! The photo shows the farmers as they arrived today to watch the auction ‘live’. Mrs Marlene Galo Perez who runs ‘La Providencia’ (a coffee we have in our store!) is in blue & white in the middle (she was no. 4 this year), and Mr. Napoleon Tercero Gomez, who runs ‘La Guadalupana’ (this years’ no 1) is arriving in the back there, in white with dark stripes. Congrats to all farmers -and to you roasters who can expect a precious cargo arriving in some months time! We are incredibly happy!

The winners of the 2011 Cup of Excellence in Nicaragua last met for the Award Ceremony April 15th; today many of them gathered to watch the coffee auction online

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