New Espressi and Single Origin treasures in Kaffee-Alchemie!

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Espresso cup

Espresso: 'single origin' or 'blends' -come in for a cup!

At the moment 11 different espressi: among them ‘Wato’ from Ethiopia, ‘Kiangoi’ from Kenya, ‘La Bolsa’ from Guatemala, ‘La Piramide’ from Colombia, as well as Tim’s Espresso: a blend of two sweet brasilian coffees! Tim also sent us his awesome Kenya ‘Tekangu’ and Mr Joao Hamiltons ‘Sitia Canaa’ natural processed! We think it is time for an in-store cupping session very soon: would you come?

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  1. wolf says:

    Ich wäre sehr gerne dabei 🙂
    Grüße aus München


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