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New Coffees October 2013

We have lots of new coffees in the Store:  Muchoki and Rukira from Kenya,  Chelba (espressoand Shallo from Ethiopia, Cerro Azul from Honduras, Mama Mina from Nicaragua, La Bolsa and La Providencia (espressofrom Guatemala, Fazenda Camocim from Brasil and a new Autumn Espresso!  From our own direct import El Salvador we have roasted bourbon and caturra for espresso.

We have also filled our shelves with equipment from ‘Kalita‘ : Filter holders ‘155’ and ‘185’ in steel, glass and porcelain, as well as Hario grinders, scales, V60 Filter Holders in glass and porcelain,  more AeroPress  and new Syphons.

Please come by for a cup; we serve these sweet and fruity coffees in AeroPress, V60 and Kalita   -and the espressi on our  ‘La Marzocco’ GB5-   .welcome anytime!

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