Consulting coffee knowledge

Over the years we gained coffee knowledge and contact. John Arild Stubberud (born 1964) has worked with coffee for many years. He was educated as Barista in Oslo, Norway, has worked as barista trainer in Norway, cupper and international judge in the Cup of Excellence Program since 2008 (in the international juries of Honduras in 2008, Bolivia 2009, El Salvador 2010, Nicaragua 2011, Burundi 2012, Rwanda 2013, Colombia 2014, Costa Rica 2015).
John is a Certified Judge for the World Barista Championships and World Brewers Cup as well as being a WCE Representative since 2015. This means his task is to attend National Competitions as Head Judge: His judging experience includes:
– WBC 2012 Vienna as Sensory Judge,
– Coffee In Good Spirits World Finals 2013 Nice as Sensory Judge
– Cezve / Ibrik World Finals 2013 Nice as Sensory Judge
– Cezve / Ibrik World Finals 2014 Istanbul & 2015 Rimini as Head Judge
– World Barista Championships 2015 Seattle as Sensory Judge
– World Brewers Cup 2015 Gothenburg as Sensory Judge
– Coffee Roasting World Finals 2015 Gothenburg as Sensory Judge
– World Barista Championship 2016 Dublin as Sensory Judge
– World Brewers Cup 2016 Dublin as Head Judge.

– Since 2008 John has been judging National Finals in all competitions in several European countries : the last three years more as Head Judge.
In 2016 John has been Head Judge in 12 countries.
For the 2017 Season, he has already been Head Judge in the barista championship in Ecuador, the Coffee Roasting Finals in Germany as well as the Barista, Brewers Cup, Coffee In Good Spirits and Brewers Cup in Germany, and coming up are the National Finals in Austria, Denmark and Sweden, all as Head Judge.

John has contacts to producers in several contries and is the responsible person in Kaffee-Alchemie for coffee quality and barista training. Do not hesitate to talk  us, in case you are interested in consulting coffee knowledge, improvement of coffee quality or staff training.