Speciality Coffee

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Speciality Coffee differs from the Commodity Coffees in Supermarket shelfs just like excellent wines should not be compared to mass produced blended wines. Speciality Coffee Houses can offer Single Origin coffees: this is today defined as coffee from a specific Farms or Cooperative offering a specific quality;  usually a specific variety of Coffea arabica and  a specific processing of these.

Today’s Speciality Coffee Houses and Roasteries differ from the large Coffee Companies and Chain Stores in being able to offer small and unique ‘lots’ of coffee directly from small producers.  In the last decade, consumers have become aware of this, and they now seek coffee beans with characteristics that earlier were lost when blended with hundreds of other ‘lots’. While the commercial market offer simple solutions in fully automatic machines and practical capsules, the Speciality Coffee segment offer freshly roasted beans and inform the consumer about the true origin of the coffee , of the Farm, the name of the farmer, the altitude and micro climate and what variety it is and how it is processed.

The new generation coffee drinkers know the difference between their ‘bourbon’ and ‘pacamara’ and they know what ‘natural’ processing is.

We are the first store in Salzburg that offer a great variety on single origins and directly traded speciality coffee. We want You to be aware of the importance of the origin of the coffee we offer

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